Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today at the Farm

I arrive at the farm this morning with a chill in the air, the sun-kissed green blinding my way.  It's the start of a beautiful day.  My chores are calling me, and I've got the rest of the day to soak it up. I take a small moment to say hello, and I'm off.

 Today's a big prep day for market tomorrow.  I must pluck kale and snip Swiss chard.  The collard greens are ready, and Dave's got a few things for me to do in the yard.

Late afternoon, we ready the Visitor Center for a new addition to the market - a double-door cooler for fresh cut vegetable to be stored.  There's a lot of heavy lifting and much to reorganize... a small talent I have tucked in my pocket for just the occasion.  I try my best to help move the cooler off the truck, but the men who brought it in have it all under control. 

As the business part is being taking care of, I go tomato hunting - one of my favorite things to do. Slim pickings still, but so close!  Not too long now until the crops are ready!

Cathy has been in the way back pulling up the first of the turnips, oh yeah!  As she finishes getting them ready for the members tomorrow, I quickly snap a few shots so I can show you all the bounty.  

Gorgeous, no?
I hope you have the same big smile on your face as I did! We're keeping the greens on the tops and I'm hopeful I'll have many new ideas for everyone to use this week.  If you have any good recipes please share with us!

Finally, the market is put back together with the new look, and it's time to hang the holiday lights.  Now it's done, and time to go home; I take a small moment to say goodbye.

The day was a beautiful one.  I have much to be thankful for.  Happiness is easy to come by on days like this!

Eat well!

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