Friday, February 10, 2012

The Barn is born!

There is a space in front the house at Urban Oasis that I called at one time "the front yard".  Over the years, it became an unused space where dust and weeds came to settle, and piles of unwanted artifacts were as abundant as the stories behind them. In my mind, I saw past missing floors and dirty walls into the heart of its potential.

I kicked around some ideas for a few days, then brought my thoughts to Dave and Cathy. I laid it all on the table and told them "I had a dream..."  A dream where we can help educate people about the lush vegetables we take so much pride in growing. A place where I can pass on my passion and knowledge of food. Unbeknownst to them, we already had the space! I went on, telling them more and more and painting the picture I saw so clearly in my mind.  Soon, we began to see ourselves on the same page.

"The Barn" at Urban Oasis was born.

Since then, I've spent countless hours rebuilding walls and floors, remodeling windows and shelves, painting, plumbing, and replacing lights, fans, and parts of the roof!  Slowly, over 2 long months, I cleaned up a space that was full of old lumber and rocks and broken this-and-thats to a clean and empty, professional demonstration space.

One of Urban Oasis' members, Andrew Hasebroock, is a very talented artist and agreed to paint a mural to best capture the inside of a barn setting. He put a lot of thought into his work, and helped bring "The Barn" to life. Nearly complete, the mural just needed one final touch - space for the two resident dogs at Urban Oasis, Bogey & Bailey.

A few days later, the paint was dry and his work was done.  Thank you Andrew!

I've got just a few more finishing touches to look over, but "The Barn" is open for business!

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