Monday, March 5, 2012

Friendly Faces

Every so often, I come across a few friendly faces hidden among the rows of vegetables throughout the farm. Sometimes they literally jump out at, or even on, me! When I get the opportunity to take the time to admire them, I'm transported away from everything, lost in the world they live. The beauty of the world from their perspective blows me away.  I am reminded of just how sweet life is, and I give thanks. 

Every day I get to work with hundreds of little critters. They are working just as hard as I am, trying not to be seen in the process. When I do get the chance to spy on them, I usually try to pull out my camera and snap off a few shots before they hop, crawl, or fly away. I'm no photographer, but I'd like to think some of these turned out pretty amazing.

Here are a few I'd like to share with you guys.

Out on the farm these beneficial critters help us control the environment in which we grow. The bees spread pollen to pollinate surrounding plants, and in turn provide us with honey for our enjoyment. The frogs catch and eat little bugs and mosquitoes, keeping them from biting me! The spiders eat unwanted intruders I can't even see. I could go on and on about everything these small creatures bring to us, but I think I'll spare you this time. 

We do our best to respect these friendly faces on the farm, and I believe the relationship works. So, the next time you see a happy frog or little lizard run by, think of how important they are to us.

Thank you!

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  1. I've found a frog or two in my head of lettuce. They're a nice reminder that pesticides are not necessary to control invasive insects.