Friends of COTF

February 24, 2012

Hello John,
     The lovely flowers I walked away from the Urban Oasis Farm with are now half gone (eaten would be the correct term), I tried a very simple receipe as flowers usually have a tendancy to disappear flavor-wise when toooooo fiddled with. I simply finely-chopped about 10 leaves and 5 flowers, added some raw olive oil and 6 drops of Balsamic vinegar. I cooked some plain white (sticky) rice and placed my 'flower mixture' on top. The taste-bud result was quite impressive (subtle and delicious):  a mouth full of colours!!
     For years now I have been applying the concept of eating as many colours a day as possible (this basically ensures the ingestion of a variety of vitamines each day, without the hassle of having to 'detailingly' think about it). 

In the next few days I will invent some other ways of tasting the remaining flowers and leaves....the stems I am keeping to mix with ground beef + ground ham, to make 'hamburger' patties.....should modify the final result ....... I hope.....

     Hoping to cross your path again one of these safe and well.